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Splitter / Combiner 3 ways

3 ways Splitter

3 ways Splitter


Product Code: 3SP-FM

  Price $23.00

The 3SP-FM designed for FM radio transmitter. This splitter builds on FR4 laminate and micros strip technology to enhance ruggedness reliability.

This is the new generation of low cost, high reliable and high efficiency and work with FM pallet for professional use with outstanding performances.

iWin is proud to announce the launch a new of splitter using the FR4 laminate and design base on Wilkinson theorem. Please provide the best impedance match for this module to prevent power losses and damage. This product requires heat sink for cooling.


Product Feature:

  • 3 ways splitter
  • 87.5-108MHz
  • Input/output impedance 50 ohm
  • FR4 laminate
  • Power rating: 50 watts
  • Accept for resistor 50 ohm X 3 set

Technical Specifications:


Power rating

50 watts max.

Input/output impedance

50 Ohm

Frequency range

87.5 MHz รท 108 MHz

Working temperature

< 50 Celsius (recommend)


FR4, 1.6 mm thickness

Panel size

64 x 165 x 2 mm (L x W x H)

Shipping weight

0.05 kg


Document Download:


Datasheet 3SP-FM.PDF

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